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Sex, cheating and revenge

Broken relationship
Broken relationship

So you are mad – raging against your partner because they have been unfaithful? You are so incensed and determined to make them pay for what you believe they have done to you.

This is even though your partner is not your chattel or property and is therefore free to be or not be loyal the relationship.

Yet you are bent on satisfying that desire to do something – you want them to feel pain

Some people have gone to some extraordinary lengths to satisfy their thirst for revenge. Checkout these revenge antics shared online:

A woman put a large sign outside her cheating partner’s house detailing exactly what he did to hurt her. It included a picture and phone number of the girl he cheated on her with. Both were well known in the neighbourhood.

Cheating man
Cheating man

Another woman painted her partner’s infidelity on his car asking the question ‘Is Pippa’s bum still better than mine?’

Even one of President Obama’s top advisors got embroiled in a revenge action – against him. After he ended an affair his mistress spent $250,000US on billboards revealing their secrets.

Another aggrieved partner – a man sold all his wife’s possessions on ebay – including her much-loved sports car. He figured it was more effective than simply tossing her clothes out of the window or packing her bags and leaving them on the pavement.

One woman convinced her cheating partner to get a tattoo of her name, to prove his loyalty and make it up to her for cheating. He went to the tattoo parlour – she packed her bags and left.

Another man planned a pretend ‘surprise party’, asking his girlfriend’s friends over to their home on a weekend he was away and when he expected her to be cheating with her lover.

how to cheat and not get caught
how to cheat and not get caught

However experts point to five reasons not to seek revenge against your partner:

1. They might retaliate by doing something even worse

2. They might report you to the police, sue you or even get you thrown in prison

3. They might tell everyone what you did – like your parents, boss and all the friends you respect.

Super easy to shame these days – a quick post on social media and the world will know you cut off one arm of all of his shirts.

4. They have the satisfaction of knowing you’re still hung up on them

5. They might feel sorry for you – pity is a painful emotion for the person on the end of it.


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