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Women can now have multiple orgasms every time

Ooooh! Climax time
Ooooh! Climax time

Men have Viagra – now women have the O-shot – the wonder injection that solves all those frigidity problems.

A lot of women tend to lose their sexual mojo as they get older leaving their partners frustrated. However, help has now arrived through £1000 injection offered by Dr Sharif Wakil who runs a private Harley Street clinic.

He saya that the injection is the truth – tried and tested on over 2000 women from around the world who now can achieve more orgasms and a more enjoyable love life.

The injection is said to work by taking blood from the patient’s own arm, which are put into platelets, then transferred into a container that produces high quality plasma.

This is then injected into specific parts of the vagina, triggering an increased blood flow and the growth of healthy tissue.

Many of the patients looking for help, wish to regain their orgasms, because as they get older climaxing increasingly becomes difficult.

Not all women achieve climax
Not all women achieve climax

They want to regain the ability to enjoy sex and be hitting those multiple orgasms like when they were 21!

Some of the women suffer from conditions such sexual arousal disorder, which affects about 5 per cent of women.

Other women take the injection to facilitate sexual action and eliminate pain, which is a common problem for those getting older as lubrication dries up.

One of the advantages of the injection unlike other similar medication is that there are no side effects – none of the women who have had the injection have reported any side effects.

Dr Wakil however cautions that not every women will experience unlimited orgasms – about half the women experience almost immediate effects in their sexual lives, while others just have slight improvements.

Although many of the women who have taken the injection are now able to experience an orgasm through penetrative sex – something that only a quarter of women are believed able to do.

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