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Why aren’t women taking the lead when it comes to sex?

More women should take the lead in the bedroom
More women should take the lead in the bedroom

Study after study show that in relationships men make the move for sex twice as many times as women. This comes as a surprise given that in the West at least, women are generally confident and liberated.

The evidence is that although in most cases where sex is initiated by the man, the women also enjoys the passion and therefore saying that the women concerned are not interested is incorrect.

Everyone likes to feel that they are still sexually desireable and therefore the women are bound to appreciate the effort of their partners to have sex with them.

Theresa May UK prime minister
Theresa May UK prime minister

Moreover, there is a growing number of women in high political roles as well as women who are business and civic leaders leading teams of men, and succeeding in those roles.

Apart from Neanderthal Man, more men are coming to accept women as their equals in most if not all aspects of life. So what is really is going on – if women can take charge in the professional sphere then why not in the bedroom?

Society’s norms and values

It is the societal norm for the man to initiate sex. But should that still be the case?

Evidence shows that it is a massive turn on for women when their partner desires them sexually – they want men to take charge.

Some women like to be submissive in the bedroom
Some women like to be submissive in the bedroom

However, relationship experts suggest that when you consistently allow the man to initiate sex then you won’t experience the eroticism that comes from being in charge. Unless you are a submissive and that turns you on.

The fear of rejection

There is a patent fear of being rejected if you initiate sex. Men generally take it on the chin – women don’t.

Women are concerned that the rejection may not be just about sex but could also be a rejection of sex with the woman.

Some relationship experts suggest that women tend to believe that that they are somehow responsible if their partner stops initiating sex.

The routine of their monogamous relationship

Dominant woman taking the lead
Dominant woman taking the lead

Women lose the spark in a monogamous relationship a lot more quicker than men.

Research in Germany shows that after two to four years of being with the same partner, women begin to lose their desire for their partners.

Men do not have that issue because of their greater sex drive flowing from their higher level of testosterone, which regulates sexual desire.

Women that dont take the lead in the bedroom should find alternative ways of sparking up their sex life. Continuing to allow the man to take the lead will further erode their sex drive.

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