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Wash your bedsheets frequently in order to avoid infections

Clean bedding feels great
Clean bedding feels great

It smells and feels great when you get under bedding that has just been washed. However there is more to clean bedsheets and covers than just their feel and fragrance.

Although many people do not change their their bedding enough, experts suggest that sleeping in dirty linen can be detrimental to our health.

People continuously sweat while sleeping and body oils and soil are released, and consequently bedding fibres can contain saliva, urine, genital fluids, and fecal matter.

Dirty bedding can cause infections
Dirty bedding can cause infections

This is most likely to breed bacteria and fungal infections, and therefore if the person scratches themself during sleep or has an open wound or sore, then that person could become infected.

These infection causing microorganisms can get into other parts of the bed, for instance fluids seeping into the pillows and mattresses, which then become much more difficult to clean.

It is recommended that people should wash all beddin – sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover – once a week to keep them fresh and avoid possible infections.

A 2014 survey of household habits showed that

  • one in ten people don’t change their sheets more than once a month;
  • 35 per cent of adults said they changed their bed linen once a fortnight and;
  • just over a third made sure to wash their sheets once a week.

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