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Virtual reality sex in the bedroom

VR Bangers makes your fantasy almost real
VR Bangers makes your fantasy almost real

VR Bangers – a porn production company specialising in virtual reality (VR) porn has come up with a new VR headset for men.

The headset is designed for men to wear when having sex wither partners. So men will now be asking: so how do we exchange fuck faces with our partners if the headset is worn during during intercourse?

The answer is that you don’t exchange fuck faces with your partner – you do that wih someone else.

What the headset does is to create the illusion of the man being unfaithful by transforming his partner into a stunning porn star.

VR Bangers - new levels of excitement
VR Bangers – new levels of excitement

So, as you are making love to your partner, it will feel like you are in bed with the porn star of your dreams – you are able to cheat on your partner without really being unfaithful.

The Los Angeles based company says that their new product willl transform our sex lives by stimulating people’s sex lives and prove valuable in the bedroom.

But hang on. How many girlfriends and wives are really going to be pleased about their men thinking about someon else while they are making love? I amĀ  not sure this is going to be a hit with women.

The makers VR Bangers disagree – they point to the fact that no how much someone loves their wife or girlfriend, having sex with the same person for the millionth time isn’t going to be as much fun as it was for both of you when you first made love.

POV Head Rig
POV Head Rig

The remedy to that is to spice up your love life with the role-play offered by this gadget known as POV Head Rig, which enhances and brings to life the experience of watching porn together.

POV Head Rig comes with innovative capabilities such allowing users to feel as though they are really being kissed, caressed, and whispered to.

As interesting as this innovation may seem, it all rests on whether your partner will be prepared to indulge you in you fantasies.

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