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Sugar sweet – sugar daddies and sugar babes

Sugaring lifestyle is sugar sweet
Sugaring lifestyle is sugar sweet

We reported last week that Josie Cunningham was desperately seeking a sugar daddy to take care of her material needs (Josie Cunningham: Only sugar daddies need apply). And she was hardly subtle about it – putting it out on Twitter for her followers and anyone else interested.

So why is Josie turning to sugaring as a new income stream? Sugaring is a type of relationship as well as lifestyle in which a sugar baby offers a sugar daddy companionship in exchange for getting things – material or otherwise.

The lifestyle and arrangement is becoming increasingly popular with several websites offering match-ups. The primary reason for the growth of this lifestyle is convenience. With a simple search and click those into the sugaring lifestyle can put in place an arrangement that is a win-win for both parties.

There are a lot of people who recoile from the idea of commitments. Several surveys point to Millenials as well as those approaching middle age wanting a relationship but without the strong commitments of a marriage or live-in-lover.

The growth in materialism and inflationary pressures – the financial needs of many young people exceed expectations. Renting a place can be very expensive these days and that’s before adding all other expenses for a young person in university or who has just graduated.

There is a lot to gain with a sugaring lifestyle – at the top end of the spectrum are things such as paid holidays and gifts like cars, etc. And ‘modest’ perks like jewellry gifts, a new household appliance or cash to help with the rent.

When you choose to enter the sugaring lifestyle, you know that it’s all about a transactional arrangement. The arrangements can include sexual contracts, casual dating, monogamous relationships as well as being the other partner of a married sugar daddy.

Reliable advice on sugaring for sugar babies is that it is important to be open and honest with your prospective sugar daddy and discuss your needs, desires, and expectations, as well as establish the boundaries.

To ensure that the arrangement works for you as a sugar baby, you need to be specific about what you want money for from your sugar daddy. If for instance it’s to help with your car payments or mobile phone then say it.

The fact is you are like a freelance self-employed person and if you can then you may decide to have multiple sugar daddies to increase your revenue. Some sugar daddies can be possessive, but remember that at the outset you should have laid down the boundaries.

Some sugar babiesmay juggle a regular boyfriend with dating sugar daddies – but you need to be careful not to end up in a sticky situation if your regular partner doesn not know or approve of your sugaring. I suggest you check an old article published on this site – How to cheat and not get caught by your partner.

Finally, two important tips for anyone considering the sugar lifestyle is if possible, try to use emails only as a means of contacting each other. And ladies, evidence suggests that you are better off with a married sugar daddy – they tend to be less possessive, and in several cases are in an open relationship at home and therefore have the consent of their wives.

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