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Skimpy dressing does not guarantee sex

Violet Chachki - burlesque star showing plenty flesh
Violet Chachki – burlesque star showing plenty flesh

Researchers at the University of Kent have found that women who wear skimpy clothes to attract a partner are likely to fail.

And the study was not just focused on women but also found that males showing off their muscles in order to attract the opposite sex were also wasting their time.

Chav chic skimpy wear
Chav chic skimpy wear

The Kent study found that women who are fully clothed are likely to generate as much excitement in men as they do naked, while partial nudity probably has the least effect of all on the opposite sex..

The researchers conducted the study by recording the reaction heterosexual men in relation the pupils in their eyes as they viewed pictures of clothed and naked women.

The dilation of the pupil is an involuntary and important indicator of when people are excited – the researchers looked at how wide the pupils of the research subjects were in relation to different images.

Rihanna in revealing dress
Rihanna in revealing dress

The study found there was little difference in levels of excitement, regardless of how much flesh was exposed.

And images of partial nudity with sexual parts of the body blocked out attracted a weaker response from research participants than fully clothed or naked images.

These outcomes were replicated when women were shown images of men.

One aspect of the study that supported previous research in this area is the reaction of the men and women to images that included genitalia – which both sexes spent time ogling.

This confirms that there higher levels of excitement when aroused genitals were included in the images.

In a complementary study, researchers from the University of Leeds tried to establish how much flesh has to be exposed at a nightclub in order to attract the opposite.

They found that women who revealed around 40 per cent of their skin were approached twice as often by men than those who bared more or less.

In the Leeds study, each arm accounted for 10 per cent of the body, each leg 15 per cent and the torso 50 per cent.

Grooving to the beat
Grooving to the beat

So all you blokes who like to take your shirts off in da club hoping to score – just quit it cos you are wasting your time!

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