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Selling your virginity?

Aleexandra Khefren
Aleexandra Khefren

Here we go again – another virginity auction. This time it’s a Romanian teenager who claims that she has sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for £2million.

The young woman in question is Aleexandra Khefren, an aspiring model from Bucharest who says the deal was arranged through Cinderella Escorts – a German-based agency and that a hotel room has been booked for the liason.

Is this latest virginity auction for real or is this just a stunt by a troubled young woman looking for attention? Why do these sort of stories pop up from time to time and why are some people still fixated with the idea of virginity?

Aleexandra Khefren virginity sale
Aleexandra Khefren virginity sale

Generally, a virginity auction like any bidding process is essentially an auction inviting interested parties to bid for the privilage of ‘taking the person’s virginity’ – usually young women. The winning bidder will win the right to be the first to have intercourse with the person.

Before we explore the the interest in intercourse with a so-called virgin, there are a number of questions about the previous auctions and the auction process.

How is the auction verified in order to establish if the women actually saw the processs through and had intercourse with the successful bidder?

Aleexandra Khefren virginity for sale
Aleexandra Khefren virginity for sale

The answer is that to date, no one has ever been able to categorically state that after a virginity auction both parties went on to have intercourse.

Linked to this question of authenticity is verification that the person that claims to be a virgin is actually one.

Often well publicised virginity auctions have turned out to be false. The first time virginity was hyped-up for sale was back in 1998 when two alleged 18-year-olds planned to have sex for the first time online. This turned out to be a hoax.

Again in 1999, an alleged 17-year-old male American high school senior named Francis D. Cornworth posted an auction for his virginity on eBay with bids going from $10 to $10 million. Another hoax.

The fixation with virginity is a reflection of an obsession by some with the notion of ‘purity’ primarily because of religious or cultural reasons.

Regrettably, everyday discourse especially by men can be riddled with derogatory descriptions like ‘slut,’ and ‘nasty’ in reference to someone’s sexual conduct.

Many forget that sexual intercourse is simply recreational, and some erroneously consider it to be the pinnacle of the expression of love and therefore entrench a warped definition of what constitutes good sexual conduct and therefore ‘purity.’

In most Wetsern societies, premarital sex is normal and part of the dating experience for many – most reasonable people do not ask or care if the partner that they are dating is a so-called virgin.

Aleexandra Khefren young woman selling her virginity
Aleexandra Khefren young woman selling her virginity

In reality, the notion of purity and virginity are archaic and possibly meaningless in today’s world.

Is a woman a virgin because her vagina has not been penetrated by a penis? What if the person regularly masturbates uses an artificial penis or has had regular lesbian sex and therefore has been penetrated by the fingers of her lesbian partner?

Many of the women engaging in virginity auctions claim that they are doing it because they wish to cash in on an antiquated notion that some still attach value to.

The fact is that is that if you decide to ‘sell your virginity’ it is importnt to checkout the laws of the country where you wish to carryout the transaction. Selling your virginity is something that is most likely to come under the prostitution laws of most countries.

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