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My bbc lifestyle (and I’m not talking about the broadcasting service)

BBC with wife and husband is excited
BBC with wife and husband is excited

My wife Jess and I usually go for romantic weekends visiting different towns and cities around the UK. And this time we opted for Milton Keynes where I had recently conducted some business.

We decided to go to the Phoenix Club that night because Jess and I wanted to try something different. We wanted to have a good time that evening.

There were several adult entertainment venues in Milton Keynes. Phoenix was one of the nicest, with comfortable booths sporting leather seats, a bar – obviously and good music. We got there about 10 pm and ordered drinks.

Jess had dressed to go out – looking hot in a tight black skirt, pinkish top that showed off her cleavage, and rather racy black high heels that added nicely to her 5’6″ frame.

Jess has curly red-hair, which she wears a bit afro-like and at 44 she looks really good for her age because she takes care of herself by watching what she eats and reguarly using our local Gold Gym.

She has maintained a curvy hourglass figure and she deliberately likes to dress a bit provocativley with her plunging necklines showing more of her ample cleavage.

Most of the people at the club seemed about our age. Everyone seemed to be havig a good time and we felt right at home.

I am not the dancing type, however seeing that Jess was keen to hit the dancefloor I was happy for her to go on and do her thing while I imbibed my drink and the club’s ambience.

The best dancer on the floor was a really buff black guy – probably in his thirties who was dancing with an older white lady. They were very good. We watched them for fifteen minutes until the woman returned to her husband and left.

The black guy looked around for another partner and spotted Jess. She must have looked available because he sauntered over with a big smile to where she was dancing near our booth.

He asked her for a dance and Jess agreed. They danced together for quite a while.

Jess had this sexy way of moving her body that seemed to hold her partner’s attention. During the slow dances he held her tight, his hand gripping her waist and occasionally her butt.

As they danced I thought about my fantasy about watching my wife make love to a black dude. I had mentioned the fantasy once to Jess and she laughed dissmissively at the idea.

I am a financially secure middle-aged white guy with my own electrical company and before you say it, I love my wife to bits. And I love sex. But I don’t seem to have the sort of libido that I had a few years ago.

Not that Jess ever complained. I believe we still have a good marriage. As I thought about it, watching them dancing, I wondered whether having another man with Jess might be just the spice to rejuvenate the sexual part of our relationship.

The more I thought about it, the more the idea excited me. It had been a long time since Jess and I had done anything new or exciting when it came to sex. This just might be our chance.

They stopped dancing and came over to the booth, and the guy introduced himself as Jude and gushed with compliments about Jess’s dancing and looks.

I invited him to sit down with us and we subsequently got talking. He told us that he was a regular at the club and he liked to dance with the women while their husbands watched.

By this time, Jess had gone to the ladies room and wanting to know more I probed further. After intially being evasive and deflecting my questions, Jude smiled and admitted that he sometimes took things further with the women while their partners watched.

He told me that sometimes couples invited him to their hotel rooms to have a good time with the wife while the husband watched. Jude wasted no time and asked me if Jess and I were interested.

My heart was really beating fast now as I fantasised about him pounding Jess while I watched. It was now or never – the chance to actualize my fantansy.

I said to him that although I had haboured the fantasy for a while, that Jess and I had never done such a thing. I quickly added that I was up for it if Jess was interested. To which he replied that I should leave it to him.

As soon as Jess returned from the ladies’, Jude started to work his charm on her and before long she fits giggling and hanging on to his every word.

He returned to the dancefloor with Jess and this time he turned on his A-game with some of the most erotic and sensual moves that I had ever seen. He held her bent backwards, with one of his thighs between Jess’s legs – grinding his groin against hers.

When they returned, Jude went to gents as Jess knocked back some more of her Bacardi and Coke and she was now beginning to feel merry.

She asked me what I thought about Jude while acknowledging that she thought that he was very nice. I echoed herĀ  sentiments about Jude and told her about some of his activities with other couples. And I casually asked her if she was game for ‘a laugh in bed with him’ as I put.

Jess was initially tacken aback by my suggestion as she sipped more of her drink. I told her that I was OK with her having a good time with Jude. And I would enjoy watching her having fun.

I pointed out that it could be the sort of experience to spice up our marriage and take it to new levels.

Before she could answer, Jude Lamar returned. I smiled at him and Jess did too. Right away he knew what we had been discussing and asked what we thought of the idea.

I turned to Jess and suggested that we all return to our hotel room for a while, to which she nervously agreed.

As soon as we got into our hotel suite Jude pulled Jess to him and began kissing her. He embraced her the same way he had on the dance floor and she responded to him.

I saw him kiss her more deeply, his tongue searching out hers. He must have known she liked it, because she began to moan as he also caressed and squeezed her buttocks.

Jude suggested that I get more drinks from the bar downstairs. I agreed and went to get the drinks.

BBC doing his thing
BBC doing his thing

When I got back to the room, I found my wife stripped to her lacey black underwear and stockings. Lamar was naked and he was a big man – if you know what I mean.

Jess was looking longingly as she stroked Jude’s massive manhood. It was nearly stiff – maybe nine inches long and thick. It was a no contest between him and me.

As I put the drinks down Jude invited Jess to perform oral on him. She is really good – I know. She took her time, licking him from his balls to the tip of his penis and back.

She gave him the oral works – teabagging, etc., and then kneaded his ball sack as she tongued the fat head. He was fully erect now.

I was also getting excited. I whipped out my penis and started masturbating furiously as I watched the action.

Jude then put his hand down Jess’s knickers and started fingering her pussy. Jess writhed with pleasure as he reached behind to unhook her bra. He smiled approvingly as her huge breasts fell free from the restraint.

He stood in front of Jess and pushed his penis into her mouth. She took it as deeply as she could, her eyes wide open. He grunted with satisfaction as she slowly tickled his balls.

Jude now had this great big throbbing erection and he then pushed Jess back on the bed and slid her knickers off and slowly penetrated Jess.

He then went to work pounding Jess with such rhythm, precision and deliberate side-to-side movement of his hips. Jess hit climax after climax and I stopped counting at number five.

At that moment I knew I loved doing this and would want it again and again.

Gary Mitchell

Guest Writer

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