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Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria – sun, sea and sex

Maspalomas dunes - Gran Canaria
Maspalomas dunes – Gran Canaria

Maspalomas also known as the Maspalomas Costa Canaria was recommended as a holiday destination by a friend. So I decided to find out what all fuss was about place.

Maspalomas is about 2,000 hectares with about 17 km of amazing coastline of sandy beaches, shallow waters, sand dunes, all-year-round sun and beach resorts of Águila, Las Burras, San Agustín and Playa del Inglés.

It can be a paradise for beach lovers and family holidays with several golf resorts, mini-golf facilities and attractions like Aqualand Maspalomas with 33 waterslides and reputed to be the best waterpark in the world.

But I did not fly to Maspalomas for any of the regular fun. No, I went without my wife to explore Maspalomas other side – the sand dunes.

Nudists - Maspalomas dunes - Gran Canaria
Nudists – Maspalomas dunes – Gran Canaria

The sand dunes of Maspalomas are a major pull for nudists, voyeurists as well as the gay community. The spectacular sand dunes  and the clumps of bushes growing around the area provide an ideal place for outdoor sex for people from all over the world.

It’s a place where you could find as many as ten different couples all getting jiggy with it in full view of drooling and excited voyeurs hoping to get involved one way or another.

I had heard about all these things that go on in the dunes and I really wanted to experience it. I took the bus from my hotel, got to the beach and started walking down towards the camel rides and the dunes.

And it was not long before the place began living up to its reputation – as I reached the camel path I came across a guy with a backpack and no trousers.

Sex in Maspalomas dunes
Sex in Maspalomas dunes

Then as I went down one large dune and round a clump of bushes I walked into a smorgasbord of sensual and sexual activity. Two swinger couples going at it surrounded by mostly men looking on and fondling their tallywackers.

None of the women that I saw were on their own – they all came with male partners and some of the women were engaging in lesbian sex while their male partners looked on approvingly.

I saw this couple – a man and woman relaxing nude lying on their towels whom I presumed to be of Mediterranean origin – Spanish or Italian because of their accent and features.

The couple waved and greeted me as I walked past them, and  I responded and waved back.

I wondered around nearby for a few minutes taking in the sights and activities, and as I walked past the couple again this time there was a man lying down beside beside them and they were talking.

I slowed down a bit as I was curious to find out more. The man was chatting to them then he got up, spread his towel carefully between the woman’s legs and went down to lick her pussy.

Another onlooker then joined in by kneeling down and starting to massage the woman’s breasts, while she grabbed his tallywhacker. At this time, she had her head was on her partner’s lap as he rubbed his erect tool while watching the action.

More male onlookers gathered around the couple and the woman’s partner invited them to join in one after another. The men fingered and fondled her and in return she gave then tug jobs with happy endings.

I wanted to take in some of the sunshine so I found a spot away from the Meditarranean couple where I spread my towel and undressed even though I still had a hard on from watching all the action happening around the Meditarranean couple.

As I lay down and turned my head to my left, I could see a middle-aged couple – a man and woman lying down with the woman stroking the man’s limp tool.

I clasped my tallywhacker in my hands and closed my eyes trying to take my mind off all the sexual activity – I really hoped this would help me get rid of my massive erection, which was now becoming uncomfortable.

I lay there for a few minutes and then opened my eyes and casually looked over at the middle-aged couple to see what they were doing. I caught the woman’s stare and she smiled and I reciprocated.

She then got up and walked over to me and knelt in front of me. Close-up, she looked a lot more attractive than I originally thought she was.

She got hold of my tool and I made no attempt to discourage her – she slowly started rubbing it up and down with her right hand and used her other hand to hold and stimulate my balls.

I pulled myself closer to her and started fondling one of her breasts and fingering her clit. But she was really good because in less than two minutes I was shuddering and shooting semen high up in the air like an erupting volcano.

She smiled at me and wiped her hands and my now limp tallywhacker with my towel, and just like that she got up and walked back to lay down with her companion.

After a few hours tanning myself I packed up and returned to my hotel. I spent the remaining five days of my short break going back to the dunes.

I now understand why Maspalomas is a place where holidaymakers love to visit over and over.


Gary Mitchell

Guest Writer

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