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Lust, sex and chemistry

Lust sex and chemistry
Lust sex and chemistry

The general consensus among psychologists and relationship experts is that your relationship is doomed or unlikely to survive if

1. There isn’t compatibility betweeen both of you

2. You do not have common aspirations and objectives

3. You are not moving through life at the same pace

4. There is no chemistry between you: Some experts have described chemistry as lusting after the person; wanting the person even though they may not be much of a looker; and being comfortable around the person – seeing them as your ‘soulmate.’

Some insist that chemistry is instant: it’s either there right from the start or it develops rapidly.

I disagree. Chemistry may sometimes seem not to be there at the outset, but develops with maturity.

Lust sex and chemistry
Lust sex and chemistry

Chemistry on its own does not lead to a great relationship, I believe it’s essential for a long-term happy liaison.

Is it chemistry if both of you cannot wait to rip each other’s clothes off?

Can it be described as great chemistry if whenever you meet you embark on sex that could last for days?

Hell no. That’s just lust.

Some relationship experts believe lust is necessary for love to last.

Again that is not always true. I have talked to couples who insist that they love each other dearly, but engage in voyeuristic swinging where they enjoy watching each other having sex with other partners.

The reality in my opinion is that sex is really nothing more than entertainment.

And the existence of love and chemistry is when you want to make sacrifices for the other person – you want to go the extra mile to do something that they will appreciate.

It may be romantic and exiting to describe chemistry in terms of being instantaneous and if it is there at the outset then the relationship is likely to succeed.

However it is true that you can eventually come to realize that your soulmate – that person that really complements you is your partner after so many years of being together.

The bottom line is that humans are complex and their relationships can be very tricky to compartmentalize.

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