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Lesbians are better in bed than men

Lesbians better than men in bed
Lesbians better than men in bed

It is now official that lesbians are better in bed than men.

Scientists from Chapman University in the California have found that straight women are less likely to climax during sex with men than lesbians.

Yes it’s proof positive that men are useless in bed – they just can’t consistently satisfy their female partners. Any wonder why more and more women are turning to other women to satisfy their needs?

The study which involved 52,000 people aged between 18 and 65 found that while 95 percent of straight men always orgasm during sex, only 65 percent (less than two thirds) of women do.

Apparently, the ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ approach to sex by some men is all about the men satisfying themselves and not enough attention paid to the needs of their female partners.

In contrast 86 percent of lesbians and 89 percent of gay men said that they orgasm every time they had a sexual encounter.

The study also found that 66 percent or two thirds of bisexual women frequently orgasm, while 88 per cent of bisexual men do.

The researchers believe that lesbians may orgasm more often than heterosexual women because lesbians have a better understanding of what makes a woman aroused.

Many guys in bed have only two strokes going for them – up and down. And that’s just sad. Guys who dont know how need to learn how to eat pussy – period.

You really need to know how to kiss, cuddle, caress, stimulate and gobble up your partner’s pussy. If you are no good at that, then pack up and just go – as simple as that.

Regrettably men are more likely to hold the misguided belief that vaginal sex is key to the female orgasm, even though 44 percent of straight women said they are unable to climax from vaginal sex alone.

Researchers pointed out that the key to reaching orgasm involves a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex, and 80 percent of straight women and 91 per cent of lesbians always or usually orgasm from this combination.

The survey which was online with all participants US-based and part of a monogamous relationship, asked people of different sexual orientations whether they ‘always’ or ‘usually’ have an orgasm during sex.

The study also found that while 41 per cent of straight men believe their partner always reaches orgasm, only one third (33 per cent) of women actually do.

Regrettably, about 30 per cent of men really believe that intercourse is the best way for their female partners to achieve orgasm, which is so off the mark.

The fact is many women tend to fake orgasms forĀ  different reasons including love of their partners, to protect their partner’s self-esteem, intoxication, or to bring the sexual encounter to an end. These contribute to the misconception of many men of their sexual prowess.

Boom! Now you know!

How to ensure an orgasm from vaginal intercourse – Dr Jason Siegel (Mayo Clinic)

MRI scans of couples having sex has shown:

The best position during intercourse to ensure female orgasm is through front entry of the penis, rather than rear entry.

Women were more likely to experience vaginal stimulation in the ‘missionary’ and ‘cowgirl’ position.

Doggy style was not found to stimulate the vaginal wall as much as other positions.

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