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Is your penis a flop?

Bionic penis - better than viagra
Bionic penis – better than Viagra

If lately you have been less than successful in the bedroom department becasuse you have been more of a limp rag and less of a hot rod, or your partner has complained that tallywacker does not measure up, then don’t worry because help is on the way.

Scientists led by Dr Brian Le at the university of Wisconsin have unzipped a new invention that will revolutionize men’s bedroom abilities, especially those with erectile problems.

The system comprises of a metal implant that has the ability to increase in length when it heats up and a remote control.

Surgeons will make a small incision at the base of the penis to insert the implant, which includes an inch long heat coil and an attached memory metal made from titanium and nickel.

The system works when the man turns on the remote control and holds it over his groin, which generates a magnetic field and induces a mild current in the metal coil.

When the coil heats up to about 42 degrees centigrade, it expands and the attached memory metal can extend to up to 8 inches in length.

After sex, the man then returns his organ to its normal size by applying a cool flannel to it to bring down the extra growth. Wow! Now that give new meaning to hot sex.

There are about 7000 men in the UK do not find Viagra to be effective and they will most definitely benefit from this development.

Human trials are expected to begin very soon with implants becoming available within a few years.

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