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Laundry: How to get your whites whiter

How to get whiter whites
How to get whiter whites

At last scientists have come up with the definitive guide to one of the problems that has plagued households for for so long.

So much is spent weekly on liquids and powders in trying to reduce or reverse the inevitable decline your whites’ original brilliance.

Researchers now have discovered that the answer lies with some home formulas. For instance they point to a dash of white vinegar (and not the dark type) as the best way to bring back the brilliance of your whites.

The idea of using white vinegar to wash clothing items is an old one that dates back to Victorian times. However, London’s Good Housekeeping Institute has now scientifically tested the technique.

The boffins put two successive loads of items through a washing machine, both with half a cup of vinegar added, as well as detergent.

The first load was at 60C, socks that previously remained brown when washed just using detergent came out white. Moreover, another similar load but this time at only 40C still came out successful.

Distilled white malt vinegar which is readily available and costs only about 39p per pint is non-toxic and is much safer to have against your skin than bleach, ammonia or other toxic cleaning products.


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