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Breaktime bonking

Not all women achieve climax
More sex more babies?

A Swedish politician believes he has come up with a novel way of reversing the declining birth rate in his country – government workers should be allowed time off for sex.

Per-Erik Muskos a councillor in the town of Overtornea in northern Sweden has suggested that municipal employees should be allowed a break from their working day to have sex.

Per-Erik suggests that employees should be allowed to go home for some private time with their spouses or partners.

He believes that the local authority should do what it can to support relationships and he is confident his proposal will be approved when he formally presents it to other councillors.

The municipality employes 550 workers, who already have more paid time off work than most workers in other developed countries – they get an hour a week paid time to do fitness or wellbeing activities.

The town of Overtornea is in northern Sweden, on the border with Finland, and towns like these are on the frontline of Sweden’s declining birth rates.

The population of about 4,500 is steadily falling, while the average age is rising as many young people leave the town as soon as they leave school.

Mr Muskos believes his proposal can help arrest the town’s declining population¬† and make it a more attractive place to live.

However, his proposal has faced some opposition including how this interfers with peoples’ private lives, however he insists that his proposal isn’t just about boosting procreation but also about enhancing people’s lives – particularly women’s.

Will this proposal if agreed by the municipality make any meaningful difference? I am not quite sure about that. People might react negatively to the idea of the government telling them when to have sex.

Moreover, I doubt if employees of the municipality would be falling over each other as they head for the exit each day to have nookie with their partners. Think about it; who would like to notify their line manager that they are going home for their ‘sex break?’

Sex drive in other countries:

  • South Korea: In 2010 the health ministry decided to encourage staff to go home and make babies by turning the building’s lights off early on one day a month.
  • Russia: An annual Day of Conception of 12 September has been in existence for the past 10 years. Some regions award prizes to couples who have babies that were conceived on 12 September.
  • Italy: Hotels in Assisi in Italy, began last year to offer a free holiday to couples who conceived there
  • Taiwan: Several measures including baby bonuses and matchmaking events have been introduced to address Taiwan’s falling birth rate.


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