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A diet of chicken, chips and Coke can make you blind

Vitamin A deficiency and blindness
Vitamin A deficiency and blindness

Did you know that just eating chicken, chips and washing that down with Coke can make you go blind? If you don’t believe it then ask Kerry Moore the mother from Perth Australia.

After her 14-year-old son Cian developed dry and gritty eyes with deteriorating vision, she sought professional help.

Following various tests from various eye specialists, she was informed that there was nothing that could be done and that his vision would continue to decline until he became completely blind.

Ms Moore was undeterred. She continued to search for answers and was informed by her parents about a new treatment for people with degenerative vision like her son.

She soon travelled to Sydney on December 2015 to visit ophthalmologist Professor Stephanie Watson who is chair of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists.

Professor Watson diagnosed her son Cian with Vitamin A deficiency – the most common cause for blindness in the world, but this is something that is very rare in Australia.

Vitamin A deficiency symptoms arise when ‘Bitot’s spots’ formulate on the surface of the eye.

The reason for this was that Cian had become malnourished because was very fussy about what he ate and therefore had been living on a diet of only chicken, potatoes, dry bread and Coke since he was about five.

The reality was that Cian had become so unwell to the point that it had caused him to start losing his sight. Because Vitamin A deficiency was very rare in Western countries and patients do not appear malnourished, specialists usually missed the diagnosis.

Vitamin A is necessary for cells to develop and mature normally and Cian started taking heavy doses of Vitamin A as well as drinking vitamin filled shakes.

Cian who is now 16-years-old eats a balanced diet, and the vision in his right eye almost completely recovered although his left eye is permanently damage.

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