Cheap home cleaning tips

Save money with these home cleaning tricks

We all want our home to be clean, however it is costly maintaining a spotless home using conventional cleaning products. So we have followed up on our article about making ‘your whites whiter’ and will do the job on the cheap: Cleaning your barbecue grill with onions BBQs can be […]

How to get whiter whites

Laundry: How to get your whites whiter

At last scientists have come up with the definitive guide to one of the problems that has plagued households for for so long. So much is spent weekly on liquids and powders in trying to reduce or reverse the inevitable decline your whites’ original brilliance. Researchers now have discovered that […]

Priya and Preeti Young hot twins

Priya and Preeti Young: Hot Babestation twin sensations

Names? Identical twins Tasha and Tanya. Professionally known as Priya and Preeti Young Date of Birth/Age? Twenty-seven years old; born on the 19th February in 1989. Place of birth? Epsom, Surrey in the UK. Height? 5′ 7″ Profession? Glamour models and presenters on Babestation TV – the UK’s biggest adult […]

Lust sex and chemistry

Lust, sex and chemistry

The general consensus among psychologists and relationship experts is that your relationship is doomed or unlikely to survive if 1. There isn’t compatibility betweeen both of you 2. You do not have common aspirations and objectives 3. You are not moving through life at the same pace 4. There is […]

Pornhub porn survey

Online porn and what women want

The latest survey by Pornhub one of the world’s biggest porn websites with 60 million visits per day has revealed some interesting as well as expected facts about porn consumption. The US is the leading country in terms of visits to the site. No surprises there because the biggest porn […]

Lust or Love

How do you know if it is love or lust?

How can tell if what you feel for that new person in your life is real love or lust? Relationship expert Gary Amers at says that there are ten indicators that you are in love: 1. You become like an eager child who is about to open their favourite […]

Different bust sizes

Breasts: What men really want

Researchers from Charles University in Prague in the Czech Republic have conducted a study to find out the type of female breasts that men prefer. Most men prefer shapely and perkier boobs to very large ones that are likely to sag with gravity. Although the study has significant limitations in terms of […]

Body modification corset

Better sex with Body Modification?

Tattoos, piercings and other body modifications are significant determinants of sexual activity in people, according to research published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The researchers from the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Specialist Teaching Hospital in Tychy, Poland found that individuals with tattoos and piercings tend to have […]

Rainbow Family

The Rainbow Family and Rainbow Gatherings

Rainbow Gatherings are fascinating events that happen annually in a number of countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco and Russia. Attendees come from all over the globe and are part of loosely-knit free-spirit communities who promote a life free of consumerism. The events take place in forests and other remote areas, with […]

WhatsApp will no longer run on older smartphones

WhatsApp to stop running on older smartphones

From January 2017 messaging service WhatsApp will start phasing out support for older mobile device platforms. The changes will affect older Windows, Android, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia. The reasoning behind WhatsApp’s decision is that the older smartphone platforms can no longer keep up with the latest features being rolled out […]