Drug Dealing on Facebook

Drug Dealing on Facebook

Facebook is being used to illegally sell powerful and addictive prescription drugs although Facebook’s own Community Standards prohibits¬†unauthorised dealers to buying, selling or trading of prescription drugs. Dodgy dealers are now proliferating on the Facebook platform offering powerful drugs like Valium, Xanax and Pregabalin, which is an increasingly popular sedative […]

End of the road for your marriage?

Sex diplomacy at home

Researchers from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania investigating the best ways of reconciling a conflict between romantic partners have found that men and women take different approaches to making up after having a row. Men prefer using sex diplomacy as a means to smoothing things with their partners after quarrelling. They […]

Sex robots of the future?

Rise in number of couples using sex dolls

A growing number of couples are now using sex dolls to improve their sexual experience in the bedroom. More and more couples are now buying sophisticated sex dolls in order to enjoy threesomes rather involving other people because the dolls are seen as risk-free. This means that the couple using […]

Good sleep - look young

Enjoy better sleep in hot weather

Summer still has some way to go but we have already had some of the most hot and swealtering nights in a generation. And as if that was not bad enough, the prediction is that we are going to have hotter summers for the forseable future. The impact of the […]

Grenfall Tower fire - staying safe in a high rise building

Grenfell Tower: if you live or work in a high rise building…

The fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower in west London came at a very high cost with the loss of so many lives. In the UK there are about 5,000 high rise residential buildings similar to Grenfell Tower as well as several high rise buildings providing office space to many people. […]

Nudists - Maspalomas dunes - Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria – sun, sea and sex

Maspalomas also known as the Maspalomas Costa Canaria was recommended as a holiday destination by a friend. So I decided to find out what all fuss was about place. Maspalomas is about 2,000 hectares with about 17 km of amazing coastline of sandy beaches, shallow waters, sand dunes, all-year-round sun […]

Trying to understand Islamic radicalization

Trying to understand radicalization

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on children attending the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, I turned on the radio to listen to LBC – the London-based talk radio station as people phoned in to comment on the event. I was particularly interested in two callers – male and […]

Vic Reeves on Coronation Street? Aaargh!

Vic Reeves on Coronation Street? Oh dear!

So Vic Reeves is set to join the cast of long-running UK drama – Coronation Street. It has been reported that he has been approached by the makers of the sop to star in 20 episodes as a shopkeeper. My reaction to the news was: Oh dear! Vic Reeves and […]

Dominant woman taking the lead

Why aren’t women taking the lead when it comes to sex?

Study after study show that in relationships men make the move for sex twice as many times as women. This comes as a surprise given that in the West at least, women are generally confident and liberated. The evidence is that although in most cases where sex is initiated by […]

VR Bangers - new levels of excitement

Virtual reality sex in the bedroom

VR Bangers – a porn production company specialising in virtual reality (VR) porn has come up with a new VR headset for men. The headset is designed for men to wear when having sex wither partners. So men will now be asking: so how do we exchange fuck faces with […]