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Taylor Swift’s anger at Kanye West

Lookalike of Taylor Swift with Kanye West in bed in Famous video
Lookalike of Taylor Swift with Kanye West in bed in Famous video

Taylor Swift is fuming. Kanye West is loving it. Why? Taylor Swift is unhappy that Kanye has used a naked lookalike wax figure of her in his latest video – Famous, which was played for the first time last Friday at Los Angeles’s The Forum.

The song which was first released in February was controversial because of the lines ‘I feel like me and Taylor might have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous’.

The contentious lyrics led to a Twitter spat between Taylor and Kanye, with Taylor denying Kanye’s claims that she had given her consent and approval of the lyrics.

As if that was not enough, Kanye has now upped the ante by releasing the video to the song showing a nude an very realistic lookalike of Taylor Swift in bed with him. In Kanye’s music video, he indulges in an orgy in bed with other ‘famous’ people that include Ray J, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West
Taylor Swift and Kanye West

As expected, Taylor Swift took a dim view of Yeezy’s shinnanigans. The rumour is that Ms Swift is gearing up to hit out hard against Kanye with a revenge response.

So why after releasing a song with such controverial lyrics has Kanye gone on to make a video that is most likely to take his spat with Taylor Swift to another level? Well the simple answer is that controvery sells.

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