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Erdogan sleeps with goats says former London Mayor Boris Johnson

Boris recites Erdogan poem
Boris recites Erdogan poem

Former mayor of London Boris Johnson has won a competition organised by the Spectator magazine for writing the most offensive poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mr Johnson won the prize of £1,000 for the poem which involves Erdogan having sex with a goat. In his poem, Boris Johnson repeats some of the things in a poem by German comedian Jan Böhmermann, who was prosecuted in Germany for mocking a foreign dignitary.

It was during his weekly TV comedy show Neo Magazin Royale that Böhmermann read the poem, which prompted an angry reaction from Erdogan.

Erdogan and goat
Erdogan and goat

Ironically, Erdogan who has increasingly become autocratic and repressive in Turkey used democratic Germany’s legal system to press for the prosecution of the comic, something German Chancellor Angela Merkel shockingly agreed with.

A German court then banned republication of Böhmermann’s poem; granting Erdogan an injunction and marking in red 18 out of 24 verses which it said were abusive and defaming.

Boris Johnson told the Spectator and the Swiss magazine, Die Weltwoche that the comedian’s treatment was a scandal, and added that if somebody wants to make a joke about the love that flowers between the Turkish president and a goat, then that person should be able to do so, in any European country, including Turkey.

Mr Johnson was then challenged to submit a poem and he made one up on the spot:

‘There was a young fellow from Ankara

‘Who was a terrific wankera

‘Till he sowed his wild oats

‘With the help of a goat

‘But he didn’t even stop to thankera’.

Mr Johnson’s limerick turned out to be the winning submission to The Spectator’s competition.

Below we have also published the original poem by Jan Böhmermann, which has so angered Erdogan:

‘Stupid as fuck, cowardly and uptight,

‘Is Erdogan, the president,

‘His gob smells of bad döner,

‘Even a pig’s fart smells better,

‘He’s the man who hits girls,

‘While wearing a rubber mask,

‘But goat-fucking he likes the best,

‘And having minorities repressed,

‘Kicking Kurds,

‘Beating Christians,

‘While watching kiddie porn,

‘And even at night, instead of sleep,

‘It’s time for fellatio with a hundred sheep,

‘Yep, Erdogan is definitely

‘The president with a tiny dick,

‘Every Turk will tell you all,

‘The stupid fool has wrinkly balls,

‘From Ankara to Istanbul,

‘They all know the man is gay,

‘Perverted, louse-infested, a zoophile,

‘Recep Fritzl Priklopil

‘Head as empty as his balls,

‘Of every gang-bang party he’s the star,

‘Till his cock burns when he has a piss,

‘That’s Recep Erdogan,

‘The Turkish president.’

Wow! We all knew Erdogan was autocratic and thuggish. But sex with goats? Dictators will never cease to amaze me.

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