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Canadian Parliament Terror Attack – Latest Summary

An attack against Canada’s parliament in Ottawa on Wednesday has resulted in a Canadian soldier being gunned down near the National War Memorial also in the area. Witnesses say that they heard gunfire and saw at least least one gunman running towards the parliament building and it is believed that the person or persons who carried out the shooting are now somewhere within the parliament buildings. The parliament buildings are now in lockdown and have been surrounded by Canadian tactical officers and police, and no one is allowed in or out of the area. It is believed that one gunman is now dead following a shootout in the parliament lobby, however it is uncertain whether there are others involved in the attack. This event comes on the heels of the incident on Monday when a radicalized Muslim convert mowed down two Canadian soldiers in a shopping mall in Quebec. The man was shot dean after a high-speed chase and one of the Canadian soldiers later died from his injuries. See the live streaming pictures in the ‘Around The World’ section on our Home page courtesy of euronews. Also checkout CNN, BBC, SKY News and Fox News for more on this.

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