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The G-Spot? A-Spot? All bullocks if you ask me

Orgasm climax
Orgasm climax

A report in the Australian publication Mamamia shows that we are at last getting somewhere with this orgasm malarkey. The report suggests that orgasms in women is a highly personal experience and consequently is different from one women to the other.

Some women may have the most magical sexual experience from stimulation of the clitoris, however this is not the only avenue to sexual pleasure and climaxing.

Over the years, much has been made about the so-called G-spot; the holy grail of sexual pleasure and satisfaction for women. This supposed highly erogenous area of the vagina is named after the German gynaecologist, Eric Grafenberg who in the 1940s  researched and documented this sensitive region within the vagina in some women.

Hitting the G-spot?
Hitting the G-spot?

The fact is that there is no consesus about where the G-spot is actually located – if at all it exists.

Contrary to the belief by some in the existence of a particular and singular erogenous zone, there are other areas that can lead to climaxing like the so-called A-spot, or anterior fornix, is an erogenous zone between the cervix and the bladder.

Some women are also known to reach climax and orgasm from nipple stimulation as well as kissing. What is really paramount here is the brain and state of mind.

The right mental conditions need to be in place for there to be any chance of an orgasm. If the context is not right, then trying to stimulate any of erogenous parts of the body would be doomed to fail.

It is important that the woman is not tense, under pressure or distracted, but should be relaxed.

Simply put, the woman would have to be in the mood; primarily through her desire to engage in sexual contact, as well as her partner doing a lot of the heavy lifting to get her in the mood.

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