Sexual Power and Women

woman sexual power
woman sexual power

Women wield significant power with their sexuality using it to get what they want. They hold all the aces and determine the sexual dynamics in their relationships with their male partners – they make all the decisions about sex in the relationship.

Sexual Seduction

women sexual power
women sexual power

Even girls from a young  age already know how to use this incredible power to get their way. Girls learn the trade and develop their skills of manipulation starting at home when they persuade dads to buy them the latest dolls or trending girls’ accessories by putting on the classic ‘daddy’s girl’ face while fluttering their eyelashes.

As girls develop, the find out that they can get more from men with simple techniques like showing men a little more attention, pretending to laugh at men’s jokes, using seductive body language leaving men at their mercy.

No sex tonight dear

women sexual power
women sexual power

How often there is sex in a relationship is usually determined by the woman, and most men believe that their wives and girlfriends do not want sex as much as they do. This means that there is an imbalance in the sex give-and-take ratio; and any attempt at pressuring the woman into having sex when she is not interested could lead an argument and sulking by the man.

One fundamental problem in the frequency of sex between parters is that most men and women have different views about what sex is. For men it is recreational pleasure and entertainment, whereas women see sex as something deep and an expression of love and affection.

However, some women use men’s usually uncontrollable desire for sex as a negotiating tool; so “you do what I want you to do otherwise you are not getting some tonight.” Sometimes this power is used more subtly to get the man to encourage the man to complete actions that he may not he otherwise been prepared to.

So, how do men deal with this?

women sexual power
women sexual power

Some commentators suggest that women are stimulated by the ability to affirm their power of seduction and if you want her to jump all over you the second you walk in the door, you have to give her something to chase after. They say that you should play the woman at her game by not frequently nagging her for sex, and consequently turn yourself into an object of desire that she wants to seduce.

Well, that’s crap because as mentioned earlier, crucially women have a different interpretation of sex compare to the average man. Therefore if your wife or girlfriend has sussed you out as the type of man that just wanting to ‘stick it in and then take it out’ then trying the approach of pretending not to want sex in order for her to desire you will not work – you may be waiting an eternity for her to seduce you.

Unless your wife or girlfriend is part of the tiny minority of women that love a good shag and nothing else, then you need to, as they say, ‘go back to the drawing board.’ The only way that you could play a woman at her own game and win in this department is to change your approach to sex. No more wham bam thank you ma’am. Stop being the caveman and go back to school to read up and learn about foreplay.

It is important that you demonstrate to her that you appreciate her and find her sexy and not necessarily a sex object. Make her feel beautiful and give lots of cuddles and kisses.

It is only after you have re-educated yourself about romance and foreplay, only then will you are ready to gain or regain some form of control in the relationship.

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