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Sex diplomacy at home

End of the road for your marriage?
Using sex to smooth tensions in relationships

Researchers from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania investigating the best ways of reconciling a conflict between romantic partners have found that men and women take different approaches to making up after having a row.

Men prefer using sex diplomacy as a means to smoothing things with their partners after quarrelling. They consider a kind gesture or receiving a sexual favour as the most appropriate and effective way of smoothing hurt feelings.

In contrast, women would prefer their men to dedicate quality time to help smooth things over, as well as the man crying while asking for forgiveness.

Women are more likely to be receptive to an emotional response from the man such as crying because it is a demonstrates that the man is selfless.

After a row, it is important to women that they spend time with their partner because this demonstrates the partner’s willingness to invest effort and time in the relationship.

Men that behave this way are rated highly by women because it signals that potentially the man is someone who they could have a long-term relationship with.

Although women may therefore use sexual favours as a way to reconcile with their male partner, it is not necessarily because that’s their preferred approach.

Some women use the sexual favours because they are indicating that sex is still on the menu and that they do not want to end the relationship.

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