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Rise in number of couples using sex dolls

Sex robots of the future?
Sex robots of the future?

A growing number of couples are now using sex dolls to improve their sexual experience in the bedroom.

More and more couples are now buying sophisticated sex dolls in order to enjoy threesomes rather involving other people because the dolls are seen as risk-free.

This means that the couple using the sex doll are unlikely to feel guilty after the experience, which can sometimes happen when real people involed in threesomes.

The biggest source of sex dolls is the US, and with a price tag of around £4000 manufacturers continue to expand the specifications and capabilities of their dolls in response to the rise in ownership across the world.

Current designs of the dolls usually include facial and body attributes of well known pornstars who are happy to endorse the made in their image for a stake in the profits of this nascent market.

The dolls can speak – sometimes incorporating the voice of a pornstar, can use facial recognition, take up to 50 sexual positions and even fake orgasms.

The dolls, which are usually made from silicone with a flexible endoskeleton can engage in forward and backward thrusting of its pelvic area similar to what a real person does during sex.

Other products with growing popularity are the use of bots in sexual activity, such as teledildonics, which involves a person remotely stimulating their partner.

Some experts believe that some of these bots will be helpful in providing companionship to lonely old people, as well as assisting people with severe disabilities.


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