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Look young, fresh and healthy through good sleep

Good sleep - look young
Good sleep – look young

Good sleep plays a crucial role in rejuvenating and revitalising not just your brain but also skin cells on your body, especially after put yourself through the daily hectic work schedules and demands of a busy life.

When you do not sleep well, the impact is almost instantly visible on your face. If you wish to stay looking fresh and youthful, then ensure you get about eight hours sleep each night.

Sleep and health experts have come up with simple steps that you could take in order to get the best out of sleep.

Set an alarm

You need to get to bed on time in order to have adequate sleep time – therefore you could employ an alarm as a reminder to help you develop a healthy routine.

Sleep on your back

Why is this of any importance? When you sleep on your side, you could put pressure on your face, which can enhance the breakdown of collagen, which in turn produces visible lines on the face.

Switch off all screens

You have to get your brain into the routine of acknowledging when it is bed time – when there should be no distractions. If you delay when you go to bed, then you miss the so-called golden hours, which are the early hours of the night when the body usually goes into overdrive in the production and release of growth hormone. The process is necessary for skin cell repair

Keep your bedroom tidy

Keep my bedroom tidy? What’s this got to do with good sleep you might ask. The answer is a lot.

Being stressed out is never good for you in terms of keeping your face free of lines and wrinkles. An untidy and cluttered room could lead to stress and therefore make it harder for you to drift off to sleep.

Make your room appealing by keeping it clean and tidy and free of anything that could cause stress or disruot your sleep routine.

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