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Kim Kardashian jewellery theft: Reality bites back

Kim Kardashian Paris fashion week robbery
Kim Kardashian Paris fashion week robbery

While in Paris in France to attend a fashion show, Kim Kaedashian was held up in her Paris apartment by armed assailants who tied her up and robbed of millions of pounds worth of jewellery.

The story was headline news on several mainstream TV networks including the BBC and Sky here in the UK, leaving many viewers wondering why Kim Kardashian’s woes deserved to be vying for news top spot with the Conservative Party’s conference in Birmingham.

Although she may not be a stage, TV or big screen actor, Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognizable people in the world – famous just for being famous.

And it is this type of fame that probably led to the attack by the armed raiders. Kim’s brand of reality stardom demands that she maintains a high degree of public interest and attention in her and her activities, which calls for publicity by any means.

But this certainly should not signal to all the flaky conspiracy theorists out there that this was anything more than a violent robbery against Ms Kardashian.

We are pleased that Kim Kardashian was not physically hurt by her ordeal and we hope that she ultimately overcomes the psychological impact of the attack.

Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery
Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery

However, when you are into reality-style fame then it involves promoting and publicizing every aspect of your life, then you need to be prepared or at least aware of the potential consequences.

Kim Kardashian regularly reveal intimate details about herself and family on her paid for blog. This practice of using social media and other blogging platforms to self-promote is not new – it is common among reality tv celebrities.

There is speculation that Kim Kardashian is the latest victim of the so-called Pink Panther gang of thieves mostly from Serbia and Montenegro – they have been involved in high profile jewellery thefts totalling about £280million since 1984.

The gang is known for meticulous preparation and their ability to pull off difficult and complicated heists. If the group was involved, then they must have done their homework – the robbers came dressed as police officers.

It also woulf not have been too difficult to establish Kim Kardashian’s plans and itinerary as usually provides an almost running commentary on her activities in her blog.

Furthermore, French detectives have indicated that one of line of enquiries in relation to the robbery is to look at whether the robbers accessed social media and Ms Kardashian’s blog in order to determine when and where to strike.


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