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Enjoy better sleep in hot weather

Good sleep - look young
Good sleep in hot weather

Summer still has some way to go but we have already had some of the most hot and swealtering nights in a generation. And as if that was not bad enough, the prediction is that we are going to have hotter summers for the forseable future.

The impact of the heat and humidity is significant especially on our ability to sleep comfortably at night. Experts have identified 18.3-22°C as the so-called optimum room temperature for sleep, this is because the brain lowers body’s core temperature before and sleep which is what causes sleepiness.

However, with homes exceeding the recommended optimum temperature, body temperature also rises leading to more insomnia and difficulty in falling asleep.

Experts have offered the following advice on how to counter this problem.

  1. Maintaining a cool as possible throughout the day is crucial. Leave blinds and curtains shut and the door open, if possible. Open all the windows as soon as the sun goes down to create a breeze that should cool your house down before you go to bed.
  2. Have a cool bath or shower before going to bed to help to lower your body temperature.
  3. Use fans to generate a breeze.
  4. Minimal clothing as well as covering in bed – this is important in order to reduce the impact of the humidity.
  5. Use natural cotton fibre sheets, which breathe and absorb the moisture.
  6. Dark sheets are said to attract heat, so go for  white or light coloured bed sheets during the hot period
  7. Drink lots of water because dehydration increases the likelihood of a headache or other aches that can disrupt sleep.
  8. Don’t stay late because the evenings are warm – this could confuse your body clock – go to bed at your usual time.
  9. Avoid exercising before the last few hours of the day because you will raise your body temperature, which is not conducive to falling asleep.
  10. Eliminate all sources of light – use heavy blinds or curtains that block out light.


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