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Eel removed from man’s butt

Surgeons removing eel from man's body
Surgeons removing eel from man’s body

An adventurous guy from China tried to liven-up his sex life with a live eel, but it gave him the slip and got rammed up his rectum.

Surgeons had to carry out a delicate emergency surgery on the hapless guy to remove the eel.

An eel like one inserted in man's butt
An eel like one inserted in man’s butt

The practice of stuffing things up one’s butt for sexual pleasure is not exactly unusual – especially among men. The name Pet Shop Boys is a nod to this type of practice.

We are not in any way suggesting that the band – the Pet Shop Boys engage in this, but a pet shop boy is reference to the practice of putting a live rodent in a sock and stuffing it up the anal passage for wriggly tickly pleasure.

Hundreds of men turn up at accident and emergency every year to have some of the most unsual objects taken out of their rectums. Here are some examples:

Light bulb

Light bulb in man's anus
Light bulb in man’s anus

Yes, the experience was in no way illuminating for the guy because the bulb shattered into several sharp pieces during removal by surgeons.

Vibrator and salad tongs

Vibrator and tongs
Vibrator and tongs

You can clearly see what this guy was trying to do here. The vibrator obviously got stuck up the guy’s bum and then he tried to perform do-it-yourself surgery to retrieve the vibrator but the salad tongs also disappeared up his rectum!

Mobile phone

Mobile phone in man's butt
Mobile phone in man’s butt

Yes – the ubiquitous and versatile can’t-do-without gadget. Surgeons had to remove a mobile phone from this guy’s butt and during the procedure it rang about four times on vibrate mode. Well, well, well. Was that the thrill he was looking for?


Dried cement in man's anus
Dried cement in man’s anus

No joke folks – some guy actually had liquid cement poured into his anal passage by another guy. Both were gay and just wanted a new experience. Yes some experience it turned out to be as the liquid cement hardened. Imagine trying to poop with the worst kind of constipation with everything rock hard and nothing coming out. Ouch!

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