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Drug Dealing on Facebook


Facebook is being used to illegally sell powerful and addictive prescription drugs although Facebook’s own Community Standards prohibits¬†unauthorised dealers to buying, selling or trading of prescription drugs.

Dodgy dealers are now proliferating on the Facebook platform offering powerful drugs like Valium, Xanax and Pregabalin, which is an increasingly popular sedative linked to several deaths in the UK.

Some of the dealers on Facebook are also offering things like opioids, which have caused a huge rise in drug abuse in the US over recent years.

Authorities in the UK are very concerned about these developments with the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) saying that the availability of sedatives, tranquilisers and opioids on the platform completely changes the game.

Worryingly, its not just the highly addictive prescription drugs that are being traded on Facebook, brazen dealers are now also offering traditional recreational drugs for sale, such as Ketamine, cannabis and MDMA.

Just like the ongoing furore about violent and extreme material appearing on the platform, Facebook appears to be failing to meet even its own rules that prohibit the buying or selling of these drugs.

What some of the people buying these prescription drugs do not appreciate are the risks. Several of the dealers are based in places around the word where proper drug regulatory systems do not exist.

This means that you do not know what you are realy buying.

In places like india known for making generic drugs of well known prescription drugs, unscrupulous manufacturers working with wholesale buyers to sell drugs with varying degrees of potency.

Some of the drugs may just contain only about 10% of what is required to make the drug with rest of the content made up with harmful products.

This is one of those areas of purchasing online where the expression “buyer beware” is so pertinent.

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