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Clacton-on-Sea: Sex on a caravan site

Typical caravans in Clacton-on-Sea
Typical caravans in Clacton-on-Sea

I never gave that much thought to going on a caravan holiday or short break. However during the long bank holiday last May, my wife Jess suggested that we take a caravan break.

Her friend Maureen owns a large static caravan in Clacton-on-Sea and we had been invited to join Maureen and her husband to spend the long weekend with them at their caravan.

We arrived at the caravan stationed on the Friday evening of the bank holiday, where Maureen and her husband Phil had already arrived and were waiting for us.

Burrsville Park is a sprawling caravan site located in a woodland of beech trees on Burrs Road comprising of several large static caravans. The caravans which are the size of small bungalows are spacious with tasteful interiors and boasting most of the amenities found in a modern home.

Burrs Road runs right down the middle of the camp splitting it into two parts, with smaller roads and paths running from Burrs Road and through the site, connecting all parts of the site.

At the entrance of the site is a converted caravan, which serves as the administrative building, and opposite is the entertainment hall housing the bar and stage.

Jess and I unpacked our luggage and then all four of us headed into the centre of Clacton to have dinner. We drove down Kings Parade and then past Marine Parade which make up the beachfront – past Clacton Pier as well as Magic City – the mega arcade centre on the beachfront.

I had agreed to be the designated driver, so when we hit the pub after our meal and Jess and our friends knocked back copious amounts of beer and cocktails, I stuck to soft drinks.

Although it was about 7 p.m. when we got back to the caravan site, the sky was still bright because of the longer daylight hours of summer.  Jess and Maureen were in high spirits and suggested that we continue the merriment at the caravan site’s bar, after all it was Friday night which was cabaret night – usually a boisterous and entertaining evening for the site’s residents.

Jess implored me to join them and I was really tempted to, however the long drive from our home to Clacton as well as the drive to and from the beachfront had taken its toll. I was tired and I just wanted get back to the caravan and chillout in front of the telly. I promised Jess and the others that I would join them later at the bar after a short rest in the caravan.

When I got to the caravan a recently arrived couple were unloading their luggage from their car and taking stuff into the caravan next where we were staying. I nodded and acknowledged the man and woman who were probably a retired couple, also well tanned and looked like they spend most of their free time travelling to sunny holiday destinations.

I am not really good at guessing a person’s age, but I would say they were in their mid to late sixties – the man may have been a bit older but his partner looked fit and had a well toned body probably from working out in the gym. She was wearing a loud magenta tank top and silver body-hugging sports leggings.

It was obvious she was proud of her body and loved to show off just as much of it as she could. Her tight tank top seemed to do just that with her large cleavage and her tits seemingly protesting about the tank top’s restriction.

They couple seemed to have a lot of luggage just fro a weekend – maybe they were planning to stay longer. I walked over and offered to help as I picked up one of their suitcases walked with them to their caravan.

Although I was tired, I continued unloading and taking their stuff into their caravan until the job was done. Maybe I had somehow summoned extra strength from nowehere to overcome the tiredness that I felt before or it was because of the woman’s figure – the fullness of her bra straining to keep her tits from popping out. In response, my groin was in chaos as my penis was now rock hard and straining to be liberated.

Picture sent to me by Catherine
Picture sent to me by Catherine

At the end of the unloading, I introduced myself and they invited me for a cup of tea, where I got to know Catherine and Kelvin a bit better. They confirmed that they were retired and were at the camp for summer but had a winter holiday planned for Malta. Catherine was a retired pharmacist and Kelvin had worked for a medical supplies company, and they both loved the outdoors and travelling.

They were a very engaging couple, especially Catherine who is a free spirit with a wicked sense of humour. They were from Grays in Essex and their three children were all grown up living away from home leaving them free to enjoy their retirement.

By now, I had managed to keep my penis in check and then I thanked Catherine and Kelvin for the tea and walked back to our caravan. I was now very tired and physically unable to do anything else so I went straight to bed. I was so tired that I did not hear Jess and the others return from cabaret night.

When I woke up Jess was still asleep and so were Maureen and Phil – knocked out by all the drinking and crazy fun at the cabaret the previous night.

I went out to the car to retrieve my toiletry bag containing my toothbrush and other bathroom items. Outside I came across Catherine putting up some washed clothes to dry on her rotary air dryer. This time she was wearing shorts and a flimsy tank top that left very little to the imagination – her large breasts easily distinguishable under the top as you could see she was not wearing a bra.

She smiled and and cheekily asked if I was OK with her hanging out her ‘naughty’ underwear, to which I replied that one never goes wrong with naughty frilly underwear. We both laughed as I continued to the my car.

When I returned to the caravan, Jess was awake and knocking on the door of Maureen’s room trying to wake her up because they agreed to go to the bootsale not far from the camp site. Phil was going to take them there and Jess asked if I was interested in going with them. But I declined because I wanted to take walk to the woodland around the camp site.

After Jess and the others left, I decided that before going for my walk I was going to sit in the lounging chair on the veranda of the caraven and take in some of the morning sunshine.

I was sitting outside for about half an hour when Catherine and Kelvin returned from shopping. Catherine called out to me, inviting me over to come and tryout some of the special Colombian coffe that they just bought at the local supermarket. Kelvin stressed that it was a specialist rich-flavoured coffee and that if I was into trying out new stuff that he would recommend the coffee to me.

I am not exactly a coffee person, but I did not want to offend my new friends so I agreed to sample the coffee. I joined them in their caravan and sat down chatting to Kelvin while Catherine walked over to the kitchen area make the coffees.

Catherine served the coffees and then disappeared into the bedroom, while Kelvin and I talked coffee – with him asking me what I thought about the coffee with its spicy flavour and demonstrating to me his extensive knowledge about the production of coffee and the ever growing new coffee flavours.

Catherine returned and now she had changed into more comfortable clothes. She had ditched the jeans and t-shirt that she wore to shopping and was now in another tank top and shorts. And of course now she seemed to have relieved herself of her bra again.

Meanwhile Kelvin was saying to me that we was going to let me in on a secret about enjoying my coffee even better and he walked over to the display cabinet near the television. he took out a decanter and poured some of the content into his coffee.

He brought the decanter over to me and asked me to sniff it, which I did. It looked like malt whisky but had an aroma like wild fruits, and Kelvin suggested that I also add some of the alcoholic beverage to my coffee. I obliged and why not given that I was up for trying new things.

Catherine was looking on with her trademark cheeky grin while encouraging me to try out the alcoholic additive. As I sipped my coffee which I had laced with a generous amount of the additive, it seemed like there was an explosion of great flavours in my mouth.

I nodded to Catherine and Kelvin that this was a great combination. As I continued sipping my mug of coffee, I Catherine shifted her position in the sofa and just like Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct, she crossed her legs and the gap in her loose short I thought I saw her pussy. Or did I? Was she or was she not wearing nickers?

I was already battling a growing erection with sitting opposite without a bra under her tank top, and now her she was without nickers and flaunting that at me, my penis was in total rebellion – no control whatsover.

Moreover, I was begining to feel a bit lightheaded and apparently kind of suggestible as I agreed with and laughed at whatever Catherine and Kelvin said.

Catherine noticed what was happening in my groin and smiled in her unique cheeky manner, then got up and walked over to me saying that she noticed that I have a problem which she could help me with.

I readily agreed as she gently turned me to have me lay across the sofa and then she straddled me and started rhythmically gyrating on me while her Kelvin looked on and appeared to be OK about it all.

Catherine moved herself up down my thighs while caressing my chest, then slowly and deliberately put her hand inside my trousers and whipped out my erect and throbbing penis.

As this was going on turned to look at Kelvin and noticed that he had taken out his mobile phone ad was about to start recording. Lightheaded and suggestible or not, I was not going to allow the recording and shouted to Kelvin not to record. I told Catherine that I did not want our liaison to be recorded and she smiled and also told Kelvin to stop.

With that distraction out of the way, Catherine and I continued as she went down on me and demonstrated increadible blowing skills. She worked on my penis slobbering and drenching it in her saliva as she clamped with her lips and teeth and moved her head up and down.

As she worked her magic, I was groaning and twisting from side to side o the sofa as I grabbed her head in both hands to facilitate the up and down motion of her head. I also slip my right hand up her tank top and cupped one of massive tits and caressed and squeezed it.

She was so good that within a short while I was shuddering and exploding in her mouth. She calmly got up and and walked over to the sink where she spat out the semen, tore off a some paper napkin and came back to clean my penis.

Catherine looked at me and smiled and I smiled back and turned to Kelvin to say to him that I thought he was a lucky man to have a woman like Catherine.

I thanked them and told the that I had to dash before my wife Jess and the others returned back from the boot sale. I later got Catherine and Kelvin’s mobile phone numbers before we returned home at the end of the break, and I still keep in touch with them.


Gary Mitchell

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