The G-Spot? A-Spot? All bullocks if you ask me

A report in the Australian publication Mamamia shows that we are at last getting somewhere with this orgasm malarkey. The report suggests that orgasms in women is a highly personal experience and consequently is different from one women to the other. Some women may have the most magical sexual experience […]

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

Harvey Weinstein: Predator or sex addict?

After his sacking from his own company, Harvey Weinstein said that he was going into rehab to deal with his addiction to sex. He hoped that his peers and society would give him a second chance. In the past, careers blighted by things like drug and sustance abuse, the celebrity […]

Truvada-PrEP: The end of HIV/AIDS?

Truvada-PrEP: The end of HIV and AIDS in the UK?

It seems Truvada the PrEP or preventative HIV/AIDS medication is living up to the promise and hype as a game-changer in the fight against HIV and AIDS. HIV cases at Dean Street Clinic in London have fallen by 40% for a second year since 2015. Information from the clinic, which […]

Different bust sizes

Big Breasts: Are they losing their appeal? PornHub survey

We all love breasts. Men love breats. Women also love breasts. We love to look at them, admire them, compare them, fondle them during lovemaking and search online for them. But something semms to have changed with the latter. PornHub, the most popular porn network in the world has released […]

Typical caravans in Clacton-on-Sea

Clacton-on-Sea: Sex on a caravan site

I never gave that much thought to going on a caravan holiday or short break. However during the long bank holiday last May, my wife Jess suggested that we take a caravan break. Her friend Maureen owns a large static caravan in Clacton-on-Sea and we had been invited to join […]

Paige WWE high flying diva

Paige – controversial British WWE babe

Name? Saraya-Jade Bevis professionally known as Paige. Date of Birth/Age? 17th August 1992 Place of birth? Norwich, England, UK. Height? 5′ 8″ (1.73m). Profession? Wrestler with WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment. Single or Married? Single, but in a relationship with professional wrestler Alberto Del Rio – who currently competes under […]

Drug Dealing on Facebook

Drug Dealing on Facebook

Facebook is being used to illegally sell powerful and addictive prescription drugs although Facebook’s own Community Standards prohibits¬†unauthorised dealers to buying, selling or trading of prescription drugs. Dodgy dealers are now proliferating on the Facebook platform offering powerful drugs like Valium, Xanax and Pregabalin, which is an increasingly popular sedative […]

End of the road for your marriage?

Sex diplomacy at home

Researchers from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania investigating the best ways of reconciling a conflict between romantic partners have found that men and women take different approaches to making up after having a row. Men prefer using sex diplomacy as a means to smoothing things with their partners after quarrelling. They […]

Sex robots of the future?

Rise in number of couples using sex dolls

A growing number of couples are now using sex dolls to improve their sexual experience in the bedroom. More and more couples are now buying sophisticated sex dolls in order to enjoy threesomes rather involving other people because the dolls are seen as risk-free. This means that the couple using […]

Good sleep - look young

Enjoy better sleep in hot weather

Summer still has some way to go but we have already had some of the most hot and swealtering nights in a generation. And as if that was not bad enough, the prediction is that we are going to have hotter summers for the forseable future. The impact of the […]