Grenfall Tower fire - staying safe in a high rise building

Grenfell Tower: if you live or work in a high rise building…

The fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower in west London came at a very high cost with the loss of so many lives. In the UK there are about 5,000 high rise residential buildings similar to Grenfell Tower as well as several high rise buildings providing office space to many people. […]

Blackberry KEYone

The new Blackberry – KEYone

Blackberry has decided to return to the mobile phone market with a new Blackberry device that combines QWERTY KEYBOARD touchscreen. Following a licensing agreement with Blackberry last December, TCL Communication a smartphone manufacturer based in China, and it launched the BlackBerry KEYone. With the QWERTY keyboard incorporated into the new […]

The Panama Papers

The Panama Papers – offshore accounts scandal

What are the Panama Papers? The so-called Panama Papers are 11 million confidential files obtained by the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), who shared the information with representative news outlets around the world including the BBC and the Guardian. The leaked […]

Corruption in Europe

20 Most Corrupt Countries in Europe

From villages in rural India to the corridors of power in Brussels, Transparency International gives voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption. We work together with governments, businesses and citizens to stop the abuse of power, bribery and secret deals. Using the corruption perceptions index (CPI), countries and territories […]

Resume and CV lies

Avoiding Common Job Application Mistakes

The recruitment and careers website Career Builder has published the most common mistakes made by people writing their resumes and applying for jobs. One important rule in writing your resume and applying for a job is to be truthful, as well as avoiding embellishing your achievements. 56 percent of surveyed […]

Bringing Sexy Back: Revive OG Leads the Way

Bringing Sexy Back: Revive OG Leads the Way

Like Justin Timberlake proclaimed in his hit tune ‘I’m bringing sexy back’; BryaanBazaar is teaming-up with the dynamic new fashion company Revive OG to bring back the ‘cool and sexy’ in men’s fashion. Revive OG is based in London, and promotes and produces men’s wear inspired by the ‘roaring 1920s’ […]

maternity leave

Is Maternity Leave Damaging To Business?

Alexandra Shulman, the editor of Vogue caused controversy by suggesting women who take successive full year maternity leaves of absence are ‘frustrating’ for offices. Ms Shulman revealed that she only took four months off when she gave birth to her son. Her comments were slammed by the parenting groups including […]

Job Interview Secrets

Candidate Number 4 Usually Gets the Job According to a University in Norfolk, Virginia study published in the “Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology,” the fourth candidate on the list to sit in the hot seat is the one with the best chances of landing the job at an interview. Why? […]

Asian Students Top OECD Education Rankings

Asian Countries are Top of OECD World Education Rankings

Countries in Asia have come top and African countries bottom of the latest (2015) global rankings on education carried out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This latest survey was the largest yet, incorporating 76 countries. The OECD’s assessment is carried out under the Programme for International […]

China’s Economic Success is the Failure of Western Education

China’s Economic Success is the Failure of Western Education

Typical classrooms in China (left) and in the West (right) What drives China’s success? Since 1978 when Deng Xiaoping introduced market reforms and an ’open door’ policy, China has lifted more than 500 million people out of poverty, creating one of the 20th century’s largest economic miracles. The introduction of […]