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The new Blackberry – KEYone

Blackberry KEYone
Blackberry KEYone

Blackberry has decided to return to the mobile phone market with a new Blackberry device that combines QWERTY KEYBOARD touchscreen.

Following a licensing agreement with Blackberry last December, TCL Communication a smartphone manufacturer based in China, and it launched the BlackBerry KEYone.

With the QWERTY keyboard incorporated into the new KEYone alongside a touchscreen display, the manufacturers hope that they have a product that easier to use than standard touch-controlled phones.

The phone has an aluminium frame and soft textured back, making it durable yet easy on the eyes – featuring a 4.5-inch display that brings together a touch display and a physical keyboard.

However, KEYone’s QWERTY keyboard is quite unique in comparison to other physical keyboards because it features some new functions, including response to touch gestures.

The keyboard can be programmed to launch up to 52 customisable shortcuts, such as pressing ‘I’ to access your inbox, or ‘M’ to access maps.

KEYone is also the first smartphone to provide the security feature of fingerprint sensor built directly into the keyboard space bar for added security.

Furthermore, the device runs on Android 7.1, with access to the entire Google Play store and apps, loaded with BlackBerry Hub – an app that consolidates all messages, texts and emails into one easy-to-access folder.

As part of its operating system security KEYone is preloaded with DTEK – a programme that constantly monitors and protects the phone by providing alerts if a privacy breach is detected.

Battery life is always an issue with smartphones, and consequently KEYone’s manufacturers have said that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor provides long battery life and super quick charging and the battery can reach 50 per cent charge in just 36 minutes.

The battery has capacity for turbo charging which means that you get the most charge with the limited time you have.

The device which comes with two cameras – a 12MP rear camera with auto focus, and an 8MP front camera with fixed focus – will be priced around £499.

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